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jamie_96 Nov 02, 15 4:29 AM

@BULLISH101 Hey man, go for the How to make millions DVD. definitely the best DVD in terms of a full overview. after watching this and re-watching you'll have a great understanding of what Tim's strategy is and how easily you can apply it with a little patience! (For a good cause also) :)

communist_owl Nov 02, 15 10:03 AM

Excellent call on SAAS, TNDM, ACRX, and ATEN Tim! I would have traded if I didn't have school. I'm being patient for the right time though, just as you said

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BULLISH101 Nov 01, 15 10:00 PM

what lessons did you first take with Timothy. Can you please inform me on the lessons/videos i need to take to trade successfully....thnx

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BULLISH101 Oct 29, 15 1:09 PM

Not using any platforms at the u have any recommendations.

TheVulcanTrader Oct 29, 15 7:59 PM

I started with, you can also have a free account with thinkorswim platform with level 2s they work together with td ameritrade. wallstreetsurvivor is online only no platfomr/level 2s

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