@Chicago777....To my Brother Daniel....So good to see you back in chat and to hear that ur doing better health wise. FYI: You are a blessing to all of us in chat who are Believers and a light to all of those who aren't. Who can say but what the Lord has placed you here just for such a time as this! I am only recently beginning my journey into stock trading so I'm in the learning process at age 62! Jesus is my Lord and savior and He has changed my life in so many ways...To Him be all Glory and Praise!! To exhort you, my brother...Be the light of the world...Be that light wherever God plants you...Grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus as Lord, as I know that you are...Study the Word as to be able to rightly divide it and may the Lord of all peace abide in you and you in Him until you, Daniel and all we who trust Him to salvation are glorified with Him!!!

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Chicago777 Jul 11, 17 12:14 AM

Wow! Thank You soo Much for your Heart Felt Words! it means Alot to me! I am also very Happy and Honored that I can be of Sevice to God to help Motivate others Around the World to have Faith and be the Light doing the Deeds of God is Amazing! Everything happens for a Reason! Thank you Again for your Support and Your somments May God Bless us All!

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