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mnollmeyer Aug 17, 17 10:45 AM

I feel yuh buddy. I had the same plan for FENG today but didn't get to it due to work meetings. And when the alert came across, I thought the same as you and immediately pulled it up on my phone to see the price action. I have learned that Tim isn't always right, and follow my own plan and learn from his. I have held a few times when he bailed on a long position (I was long as well) and then shortly after he sells, the stock goes thru the roof like it did most recently on GPRO. It sucks being sc

polisan Aug 17, 17 10:54 AM

@mnollmeyer Yeah, that's interesting? I've noticed it too. Why does it spike after he sells? Are people really buying because he did but they are slower...

mnollmeyer Aug 17, 17 10:57 AM

Not sure. Bad timing, impatience, could be a multitude of things.

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