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MikeTrades Mar 17, 16 10:07 AM

Hey man im new here and im not trying to be rude but how have you gone down $2,153? did you lose it all at once? sorry im just trying to learn about everything as much as i can.

Tunde1306 Mar 17, 16 12:32 PM

@Mikel70 Welcome and yea man no offense taken. Basically majority of my losses were lost over the course of a year. I rarely trade penny stocks I instead trade "options". They contain a lot more risk and are prety hard to get a hang of but the profit payout is massive when done correctly. It's definitely not a good starter for beginners though.

MikeTrades Mar 18, 16 10:06 PM

oh okay, sorry for being so blunt. I was just curious. Keep on killing it man, you will be very successful in no time!

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