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YawnAlot Nov 13, 16 1:11 PM

Oh okay i think i get u, U havent learned to distinguish trends yet or how stocks trend. so first i reccomend so u can get familiar with what u should already know is google "bullish patterns" now u should get stocks with some trendlines already drawn for u, Drawing trendlines is just connecting the last peak with recent peak, highs with highs and lows with lows. Now when ur on finviz, ur mind will by itself try to put things into a pattern which will then allow u to make ur plan, which should b

YawnAlot Nov 13, 16 1:19 PM

based on the next ressistance/support level. So to help u with entries on that u might want to learn how reversal patterns/candlesticks look (google that too) and u should have a much clearer idea on what ur looking for. Another great way to get used to patterns is looking this up on google images, "Fous 4 patterns". There is Force, Survival, and Revival (and "Gold" but its almost like force pattern) The Force is a Breakout play on a bullish trend. Survival is a breakout from a channel after it

YawnAlot Nov 13, 16 1:23 PM

consolidates (also called churning) after the initaial breakout. Revival is bearish trend that consolidated nd is now breaking out from the channel. Hope that answers ur question abit, let me know if ur still a bit confused

TraderH Nov 14, 16 4:30 PM

The best thing is to buy one of Tim's DVD s(HTMM or Pennystocking Part Deux). HTMM is probably the best bang for your buck while Part Deux gives you the old basics. The DVDs will teach you the basics and how to use free tools online. StocksToTrade is just a tool Tim created which combines everything together but should be used after you know the basics from the DVDs. Also, get a part-time job to supplement your income. Learn while you earn and save up the money.

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GQ100 May 22, 16 12:06 AM

Great post guys! ^^ This review was very well rounded and broke things down very well.

Willthetrader May 22, 16 12:03 PM

@TR4C3R Thanks buddy serioulsy where do you find that, is this a recap of each video, if yes thanks a lot man and tor your time also

Willthetrader May 22, 16 12:04 PM

@TR4C3R ok i see the guy did a recap for each video , that's nice thanks man!

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NoviceUnicorn Apr 07, 16 9:47 PM

@elliottmagic [In my humble and novice opinion] ...It's a theory I am working on. I've paper traded it for a few months now and it allways works.(a rare statement). I have not tried this at large volume because I am not risking much money until I have a metric and then test the bounds of that metric. I don't trade the commodity I trade companies with a heavy core in 1 commodity. Oil is my FAVORITE example. It is like clockwork. I can even tell you how much I am going to make before I even buy. S

NoviceUnicorn Apr 07, 16 9:51 PM

@elliottmagic So I will explain this strat but I won't tell you what companies I do it in because it will be better for you to create your own knowledge base. I don't know the volume metric and it's effect yet. (ie, the more you trade something, you push the volume and effect the profit of your trades. It is a core concept used by large players known as a "pump". Pump is nothing but volume manipulation and a core reason to avoid half the stocks people on this forum talk about.

NoviceUnicorn Apr 08, 16 1:02 AM

@elliottmagic I was going to link an extensive file that I created on this strat but, I think I need to rework it. There are like 100 factors to think about to do it correctly and I don't have it written very clear. I will work on clarifying it and send it to you. SO much of trading is instinct and broad market knowledge because there are like 100 things that impact the movement of price in a stock. It can't be packaged as easily as people want to sell you that it can be.

elliottmagic Apr 08, 16 7:39 AM

@NoviceUnicorn well if you could send this file to me i would be really interested. I'm currently writing my master thesis and I really contrate myself on "consistent profitable strategies" and try to come up with statistical results.

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leal3669 Mar 31, 16 2:04 PM

jesse lassandro are you using the paper trading level 2 on ThinkOrswim?

goodtimej Mar 31, 16 2:14 PM

@leal3669 yes, I am using the paper trading on thinkorswim until my free trades are up at TradeKing then I was gonna move over to Ameritrade/thinkorswim

Kbott Mar 31, 16 4:23 PM

I believe ToS demo is 20 mins behind real time

angeluis Mar 31, 16 5:56 PM

ToS paper is delayed 15min.

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MikeTrades Mar 17, 16 10:07 AM

Hey man im new here and im not trying to be rude but how have you gone down $2,153? did you lose it all at once? sorry im just trying to learn about everything as much as i can.

Tunde1306 Mar 17, 16 12:32 PM

@Mikel70 Welcome and yea man no offense taken. Basically majority of my losses were lost over the course of a year. I rarely trade penny stocks I instead trade "options". They contain a lot more risk and are prety hard to get a hang of but the profit payout is massive when done correctly. It's definitely not a good starter for beginners though.

MikeTrades Mar 18, 16 10:06 PM

oh okay, sorry for being so blunt. I was just curious. Keep on killing it man, you will be very successful in no time!

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