AH Scan List May 12th

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devask168 May 13, 16 3:10 AM

Looking at CFMS and JWN (which in AH are at all time lows long term) I'm guessing you'll be watching these over the next few days for support and a dip buy.

devask168 May 13, 16 3:11 AM

If you find the time during the weekend I'd like to read what your strategy will be for these two. If I haven't said so before - I like your style!

msCrystal May 14, 16 8:38 AM

It's so hard for me to wait for good entries...

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Fox_Trader May 08, 16 5:03 PM

I have a few accounts with Etrade, so far no issues each account gives me 3 trades. Have maxed out both of them a couple of times guess its time to create another one.

msCrystal May 08, 16 7:31 PM

I kept a Robinhood account open and had to fund it after violating PDT rule... Which kept locking up my trades.

Fox_Trader May 09, 16 4:56 PM

There have been many times where I have almost violated the PDT rule

Rollingball May 11, 16 11:39 AM

@HebrewHammer I am also stuck on a cash only basis on my E-Trade account. I think it may be to my benefit though so I will wait out the 90days.

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ramster2k16 May 04, 16 4:38 AM

just keep learning dude, good job!

msCrystal May 04, 16 8:00 AM

I lost like $1,600... After that I took a step back and traded super small and tried to learn from that... Instead of trading big and losing big. I also quit buying at the top. If I missed the train / I missed the train.

Alesitus May 04, 16 8:32 AM

Thx guys for commentaries. You know when someone touches your $$$ you can't let them more $$$. So this is learning market tuition.

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Erik920 Apr 26, 16 7:24 PM

Hey bro, was there volume with these trades? there always needs to be volume. To me, volume is everything. I see that you have a plan which is great. Maybe you should try swing trading. This day trading is very hard for beginners like ourselves. Even with the Level 2 and a plan, sometimes a stock just doesnt move in the way we want it to. Maybe you should use bollinger bands as an indicator. Using the bollinger bands in the chart helps me see where the stock can bounce from.

msCrystal Apr 26, 16 9:31 PM

Good reminder... Sometimes i forget about volume...@Erik920

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ramster2k16 Apr 26, 16 5:54 PM

@timothysykes tim preach! its all about finding my groove. i followed your alerts and other chatroom hype with no solid plan of my own. my only 3 profitable trades were done when i did my own research (GRPN (2015), LGCY, ORIG).

msCrystal Apr 26, 16 8:48 PM

I try not to mirror trade as Tim says... I lost on taking some of his alerts BUT I also won BIG with tickers found in the chat... when oil was starting its first rally

NoviceUnicorn Apr 26, 16 9:37 PM

Stock movement is usually based on illogical factors. One of them is "hype". The alerts, chat and stocktwits can often get you in a good spot because you need volatility to make money and hype produces that. On the flip side if you are chasing it is usually bad.

envy87 Apr 27, 16 2:27 AM

Did the same thing following Tim's alerts and a few days I made money but most of the time I lost til finally he made a video literally saying dont follow his alerts, sometimes by the time he alerts its too late. Lesson learned and now I'm a bit more profitable,

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JorgeZ19 Apr 24, 16 4:20 PM

Use Support levels as your risk! If you just place your risk level randomly, its much harder to make yourself get out. If you're risk level is at a support level and it breaks it, you get out for a small loss. Also, it gives you a better chance that it rebounds off that level and increases your probability of success. Never chase, so if the stock is more than 5% up off a support level, your risk/reward becomes more risky. Lastly, work around your work schedule. I don't recommend entering a posit

JorgeZ19 Apr 24, 16 4:21 PM

ion and then leaving it while your at work. But if you do, like maybe for a swing trade, set hard stop-losses just in case.

motoman1500 Apr 24, 16 6:55 PM

My thing is that shorting is definitely my strongpoint. I think my problem was taking massive position sizes and going for grand slams. My best trade was $650 in 20 minutes with 750 shares. I guess stop losses are going to be my best friend.

msCrystal Apr 26, 16 9:34 PM

Good advice for setting hard stop losses... I get tired of watching my phone all day.@JorgeZ19

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