gmuni Aug 01, 17 4:00 AM

@Clean_Supreme I ment when you look at stock on the chart how do you do the math quickly like tim does to say its 50% down or up on the day, he says it on video tutorials really quickly and im thinking how does he do the math so quickly

Clean_Supreme Aug 01, 17 11:35 PM

@gmuni it should just say it on the chart or through your broker like with etrade it live streams the % changes as im watching math needed

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russbakr May 14, 17 12:44 AM

I dont know .. "chatter" as yall say it is volume. Volume is what moves stocks. If a stock on Twitter or Stocktwits is blowing up .. thats a good thing in my opinion. What differentiates the profitable %10 of traders is when to buy and when to sell. My opinion of course.

Giants_Slayer May 14, 17 1:55 AM

trust me forget about all the noise bro and focus on your ideal setups and trade them alone and stick to your rules and make sure that your methodology is working and then you will make money .. if you focus on the chat rooms and other bullshit you will put yourself on a crowed following mentality and then you put your self in a serious trouble to not get influenced by your rules and you will get influenced by the crowed who most of them they dont know shit.

Bryan3121 May 14, 17 11:10 AM

Not chatter I meant chatroom, My point is the same as zone_trader

gmuni May 29, 17 12:29 PM

thanks guys I wasn't expecting these answers but im glad i did receive them...makes sense..and I was actually on the right track. One of the reasons I asked this question was because I watched LX21 presentation and he mentions that he checked the message boards and who all is in this stock. Tim has also mentioned in his DVD's like spikeability he wants to piggy back whats already in momentum. So that was the rationale behind the question..thanks

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