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Fox_Trader Jun 10, 16 9:50 PM

If your trading like your doing it will be free Its 30 trades per 3 months your good man

JMDev Jun 10, 16 11:59 PM

I'd just use think or swim personally or Tim's StockstoTrade personally

Fox_Trader Jun 11, 16 2:17 AM

I made a video for you its on my page.

millyunerr1694 Jun 11, 16 5:46 AM

there' no charge for etrade pro if you make 30 trades per quarter, or 15 round trip trades. (buy/sell) and I think a minimum balance of $2000.00. I believe that's the way it works, I have an account with them and haven't gotten charged. If not STT has level 2.

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[TimAlerts] support at 1.40 $RPRX, its never a smart idea to chase or play mid day spiders IMO. If it hold support till the end of the day, and some more good news came out, is when id probably buy


[TimAlerts] Missed my entry of CBDS @2.20, oh well, not chasing but definitely on the watchlist for tomorrow morning!

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