calvinminhly May 23, 16 9:41 PM

@Legendario The press and charts aligned and friday top at 3.92 people short on fridays and people who arent caught up read the news on the weekends and thus creates buyers on Monday

Legend May 25, 16 7:26 PM

@calvinminhly i get what your saying but only idiots short on 1st up days with strong-decent closes as you don't know how far it'll go before falling, this stock was overextended and opened with a gap down and your lucky this worked this one time.. the week before there were 4 other exact scenarios like this and they all crashed when they opened red, the news doesn't matter if it's up way too much in such a short time

Legend May 25, 16 7:27 PM

@calvinminhly also take a look at the tuesday, it gapped down and this time it worked perfectly, if you keep trying to hold these big runners overnight just sell immediately if they open red or show weakness at open

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Jacob_925 Apr 24, 16 1:11 AM

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator and all of the Market Wizard books are good. "The intelligent Investor" by Benjamin Graham is a time novel but its more geared towards value investing long term. Still very interesting, the more knowledge the better!

Bonvivant Apr 24, 16 1:45 AM

Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas. (Dwells a lot on Trader Pschycology)

BmoreTrader Apr 24, 16 5:51 AM

Thanks ALOT everyone ☺ very much appreciated!

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