@DerrickJL Hey have you read any books about trading you recommend? I'm going in a trip in a couple of weeks and I'm looking for some good books to read

Lucid Aug 15, 15 4:39 AM

Market Wizards, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

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@DerrickJL Forgot to mention, I also trade put and call options, I noticed they are much like penny stocks, but the risk "stays" defined no matter what the stock does, plus I can short aapl for days but with limited risk., I don't get stopped out so much. I think you would be good at options too. No, you would kill at them. Thanks for your motivation.

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@DerrickJL How is trading OTCs different from NASDAQs... I know this is a big question, but through reading your blog, I am starting to realize that the OTC market isn't where it once was. I need to make the transition to trading NASDAQs and I don't know where to begin in terms of education. Thanks!

DerrickJL May 12, 15 11:58 AM

bit.ly/HalfOffIU this is where I learned to trade nasdeqs, still continue to do so, I would look into it

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@DerrickJL Hi, in your blog you said you lost a good chunk of money and pulled out what you had left, only to fund another account and go on to make 6 figures in 3 months. When you funded that account, how much did you start with? Or how large was your account when you made 700k in 2014?

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@DerrickJL hello do you suggest start with Suretrader with 5k of capital for a non us resident? Please help I want to start trading this year I've been studying an entire year for this

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