@BullZone - pick and choose your lessons at random. No need to start at the beginning, which is great. Go for Lesson 29 to address a problem we both share. Letting those damn winners run! This book is pure gold and I'm only in a quarter of the way. Review via the .pdf before maybe making a purchase. https://atoast2trading.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/the-daily-trading-coach-101-lessons-for-becoming-your-own-trading-psychologist-brett-steenbarger-_2009_-a23.pdf

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BullZone Jan 24, 15 6:47 AM

Thank you John. Yes I read a bit of this book before and it is amazing. Thanks for sharing it again.

Tiberio Mar 16, 15 2:38 PM

Haha I was just about to purchase the book and moments later I stumbled on you post. Thanks for sharing

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