@MichaelGoode PULM is it a good buy, there is news but no volume

MichaelGoode Jun 15, 16 2:50 PM

it is always tough to tell when there is normally so little volume in a stock. If the news looks really good then it can be worth taking a chance. In this case that would have worked (though I wouldn't have bought because of the low volume)

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ParadoxTrader May 02, 16 8:40 PM

thanks for the video Tim! great review! Great job too!

Liran282 May 03, 16 6:39 PM

Also, it looks like your profit chart has a resistance at 2.83, I just hope this time it'll be a breakout and not a potential short ;)

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I cleared my trades this morning as my SureTrader account got partially funded. I am expecting more to come in tomorrow, I should have a BP of about $30,000. I'll be posting all trades that come from suretrader + Demo account but on a clean slate.

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