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Liran282 Jul 11, 16 8:24 PM

@HebrewHammer I get that, i'm just sorry to see you leaving this community and not seeing your daily emails is still weird lol. You're a true inspiration man, but anyways - best of luck and mazal tov on the new job :)

HebrewHammer Jul 11, 16 9:32 PM

@Liran282 I know! It's weird not being here and watching the market everyday trust me. I still plan on coming back once I really have the time to trade again. I'm just so busy with my new job since it's busy season right now for rentals. In the next month or two I look to get back on profitly and putting my daily watch lists out again

Gerrytrader Jul 11, 16 11:30 PM

so you won't be in Mexico City, a pitty but anyway have a great time in Puerto Vallarta. If you can don´t miss Isla Marieta, I heard that it's closed for the public but still try.

Gerrytrader Jul 11, 16 11:32 PM

Good luck in all your projects, we´ll be here when your back

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RangerTrader May 04, 16 10:44 PM

I was watching EBIO this morning and knew that you shorted it at 1.28. When I saw it running up I was wondering if you had covered.

PennyCoffer Jun 08, 16 9:17 PM

Another great lesson and video this time with some entertainment, throw in a publicly recorded session once in a while :D

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ParadoxTrader May 02, 16 8:40 PM

thanks for the video Tim! great review! Great job too!

Liran282 May 03, 16 6:39 PM

Also, it looks like your profit chart has a resistance at 2.83, I just hope this time it'll be a breakout and not a potential short ;)

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Kixxy Apr 25, 16 11:00 PM

Grats my friend. Awesome job...

bank_a_tronic Apr 26, 16 6:00 AM

Awesome! $400 to $4K! A Big Congrats to you! Could you make a video on how you found stocks like NEOT -it didn't pop up on my scanners. Thx!

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