@MichaelGoode Looking for a little guidance as I am trying to figure out where I am going wrong with my trades. Shorted $FENG, day 3 overextension, good volume around 3.80 market open. Risked off r/g. Looking for the momentum shift. Re-shorted risking off the Feb. spike. Losses both times. Was my mistake a) shorting earnings; b) shorting after move went r/g; or c) not enough over extension. Hope you can help or point me in some direction. Thanks

MichaelGoode Aug 22, 17 10:40 AM

I think your first short was fine -- shorting a gap down on an overextended stock, although it was not ideal that it had not had a big up day the prior day. After it went green though it probably would've been best to just stay away from shorting

Cjshoe98 Aug 22, 17 8:36 PM

Thanks appreciate the help.

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