TraderH Jan 15, 16 9:18 PM

Age is not important. The sooner, the better. Study and learn. We are constantly learning everyday for years. I recommend at least 10k for beginners.

compuser123 Jan 16, 16 12:56 PM

It is also good to learn about stocks in a general sense. I suggest reading One Up on WallStreet, The Little Book of Common Sense Investing, and Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits.

BowlesTrader5 Jan 16, 16 3:10 PM

I am 15 as well, spent the last 3 years studying and learning, best place to start I would recommend is with @timothysykes dvd penny stocking and How To make Millions. As for the starting amount, completely depends on your financial standpoint, just remember, don't risk losing money that you can't afford to loose. Don't start trading for like a year until you've learned, try paper trading at ThinkOrSwim

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