@PennyKing2014 Why did you delete your YGE trade?

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GoldenSpider Jul 04, 14 9:17 AM

Isn't it funny that all the trades "tim deletes" are YOUR LOSING trades! Face the music "penny king"

ToddP Jul 10, 14 10:45 AM

Sigh, when are they going to REQUIRE you to verify trades on here......

TraderGang Jul 16, 14 9:20 AM

This guy is a known fraud for several years now. he owes investors over $100,000 and kevin should be ready for his 6th mugshot, which won't be a petty theft charge as swindling money from investors and falsifying returns as well as breaking a contractual agreement with dozens of prospective clients is a serious offense. SEC and FBI have been warned of his actions.

GeorgiaDawgsSEC Jul 16, 14 10:28 PM

@tradergang Wow. I knew he was shady, but had no idea it was this bad. Perhaps that's why he fled California for FL?

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