mrkenn1 Nov 02, 17 11:07 PM

I wonder too. There are so many different currencies out there. Was he telling us to simply drop money in the ones we can and if they boom we will make a profit? Sort of like playing the slot machines.

jward4 Nov 03, 17 6:48 AM

@mrkenn1 Dozens of Crypto's and dropping money in anyone stock without doing any research is risky. Teeka has made money in the crypto world with credibility, that's why Tim endorses him, he's real. Teeka's webinar what will happen/has happened with crypto and selling a product that will almost guarantee you gains if you buy it.

jward4 Nov 03, 17 6:51 AM

That's if you follow up and invest money in crypto.

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dedication_rocks Jun 09, 16 11:38 AM

yahoo.finace is the way to go. It'f free and up to date evry second also gives you aditional info. income,earnings,balance sheets, charts, volume, range and everything you really need!

Hardtail Jun 09, 16 2:10 PM seems to have a pretty good news feed as well

Kleppe Jun 09, 16 2:56 PM

yahoo, finvis, - These are the 3 I look at for the most part. I'll look into other news outlets as needed but these 3 I start with.

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riskyron May 25, 16 7:04 PM

You knew it was coming. They have negative $35 million shareholder equity. Nasdaq minimum is POSITIVE $2.5 million. Where were they going to come up with $37.5 million? Oh yeah, and buried in the release they announced they defaulted on the delivery of the first of the three ships that they don't have money to pay for! Trading the low float squeeze works..... UNTIL IT DOESN'T! 35 cents will look good in about two weeks.

riskyron May 25, 16 7:05 PM

Sorry man sometimes we get holding to long. Live and learn.

Hardtail May 25, 16 10:47 PM

Thanks Ron, Learning for sure.

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@Hardtail just became a fully transparent trader today!

Hardtail May 24, 16 6:53 AM

Just figured out how to verify my trades, then I deleted the un-verified listings. It changed everything. I went from green to red, I would rather have the real facts, than false.

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