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dedication_rocks Jul 20, 16 8:43 PM

thanks again, keep it up. wish you the best on your trades from here on out!

Gsniper Jul 22, 16 11:38 PM

Thanks for your summaries!

0010ALogistic Jul 24, 16 12:49 PM

My first trade were loses just wannes to feel it, and i need practice, if you see your trade that frozen meaning the stock market maker is holding your trade for a better price, i Dont recommend new traders short squezed or spiker just yet, you need to know how you can play with your broker i'd bad sperienced doing it, you could know the rules your broker is important to know. Amen

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nastya Jul 21, 16 1:31 AM

@Spot Yes, you pay to get in and to get out, and if you want to add to your position, you will pay again. You're paying for each executed order.

JMDev Jul 21, 16 1:10 PM

@Spot Yeah, they aren't the cheapest on executions and they don't have short shares a lot of the time. Personally, I think their charting and scans are pretty high quality what with being free and all. Then again that kinda of thing is mostly preference. :p

dedication_rocks Jul 24, 16 4:40 PM

thanks for giving us these posts, very helpful. thanks again. keep it up!

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