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Palmer Aug 08, 16 8:12 AM

A supportive spouse with guaranteed income doesn't hurt either ;)

swingtradestock Aug 08, 16 8:48 AM

Palmer good to see ur gains we chatted last year wen u got started wow amazed at your gains bro. No wife for me :)

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Gibran Jul 27, 16 4:12 PM

Those 7 trades were consecutive my friend , ill upload the next chunk once I reach 1000 again ;)

jakito100 Jul 28, 16 9:29 PM

Thanks so much for the OCO info. Just what I need to help me understand OCO better. Good Luck and stay positive. You're awesome!

Spot Aug 02, 16 2:47 AM

What happen @Gibran ? You not trading?

Gibran Aug 02, 16 10:10 AM

@Spot Im out of daytrades until Wed, thats why, im actually doing a video with simulating trading :)

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@rnasworthyjr Hey! You should do paper trading before going live try think or swim simulator, you wont imagine what youll face in thr next months. Just some piece of advice. Thr emotion of losing goes away once you understand trading.

Spot Jul 22, 16 1:12 PM

Do you use this platform for paper trading as well?

Gibran Jul 22, 16 2:04 PM

The simulator is amazing , it feels as if you were trading live , the only differencr is , if you trade big stock amounts on live they get filled partially and in simulator not , but im talking about 4000+ stock

Gibran Jul 22, 16 2:15 PM

I wouldnt be succesful if it wasnt becausd of this platforms papertrading. :)

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octangus Jul 21, 16 3:09 AM

good reflection of yourself! Keep questioning yourself and be a better version of yourself day by day. Good one!

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dedication_rocks Jul 20, 16 8:43 PM

thanks again, keep it up. wish you the best on your trades from here on out!

Gsniper Jul 22, 16 11:38 PM

Thanks for your summaries!

0010ALogistic Jul 24, 16 12:49 PM

My first trade were loses just wannes to feel it, and i need practice, if you see your trade that frozen meaning the stock market maker is holding your trade for a better price, i Dont recommend new traders short squezed or spiker just yet, you need to know how you can play with your broker i'd bad sperienced doing it, you could know the rules your broker is important to know. Amen

Belve1965 Aug 17, 4:54 AM

This site has been a catalyst for my transformational spiritual journey. Through its captivating content, I have delved deeper into the realm of spirituality, and received solace and wisdom like never before. Kashi in all its majestic splendour, comes alive before your eyes and My Spiritual Journey offers an authentic glimpse of its spiritual essence. The site opens doors to a sacred world, instilling a sense of wo

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nastya Jul 21, 16 1:31 AM

@Spot Yes, you pay to get in and to get out, and if you want to add to your position, you will pay again. You're paying for each executed order.

JMDev Jul 21, 16 1:10 PM

@Spot Yeah, they aren't the cheapest on executions and they don't have short shares a lot of the time. Personally, I think their charting and scans are pretty high quality what with being free and all. Then again that kinda of thing is mostly preference. :p

dedication_rocks Jul 24, 16 4:40 PM

thanks for giving us these posts, very helpful. thanks again. keep it up!

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