@aheckler Hey man congrats to your success, been trading a little over 2 months, I have HMM and pre bought the trader chekclist,I have only been going long but want to start getting my feet wet with shorting, any pointers or extra things I should be watching, or should HMM shorting instruction be enough? thanks ahead of time if you respond.

aheckler Feb 08, 18 11:44 PM

I've never watched any of the DVDs really, i watched some of the videos and video lessons and youtube, the rest was kinda trial and error. Shorting worked for me so i stuck with it

aheckler Feb 08, 18 11:44 PM

my friend has trading tickers, I'm probably going to watch that

Atiqe Mar 01, 18 8:25 AM

Morning @aheckler what is your first approach on a stock when you trade

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