@MikeLuman just became a fully transparent trader today!

GotSeoul Dec 23, 20 9:25 AM

Welcome! I just joined here yesterday. I've always kept a trading journal chronicling my day's thoughts and emotions, feelings while in a trade and when I close it. I always try and hold myself accountable, it's been the #1 thing that's helped me gain edge.

GotSeoul Dec 23, 20 9:27 AM

There's only so much learning technicals and fundamentals can carry you IMO, these days I listen to a lot of trader podcasts like CahtWithTraders - any of them. Listening to elite traders from all over talk about their experiences, struggles, mindset came to be over a year or more. Don't be discouraged.

GotSeoul Dec 23, 20 9:28 AM

listen to all sorts of different trading styles, points of views, etc. There's alot of wisdom out there! Even listening to prop guys like SMB capital. Great great free content.

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