I remember 6-7 months ago late March when Tim Sykes started posting warnings on Twitter about the Marijuana stocks about to start heading down, and nobody listened to him including me... Coulda saved alota money by listening, and in my opinion heres what Tim is saying now about the overall market! "In the past week, the newbie friendly bull market has changed dramatically and I absolutely HATE seeing so many people losing so much money being unprepared for the market change. Lots of “nice people” lost a lot of money this past week and yet very few people reported it…the fact that I’m rubbing it in and exposing it doesn’t make me any more popular, but it’s the truth so I say what should be said. Newsflash, 90-95% of traders lose money, most people on social media/chatrooms/message boards LIE, this isn’t a game for nice people and niceties and being politically correct, if you worry about that stuff, you’re gonna get crushed." "Perhaps all these nice people should’ve read my weekly newspaper column from two weeks ago entitled “Timothy Sykes: 3 Signs the bull market could end soon” This is the exact tone he was using in late March early April when he was warning about the Marijuana stocks....so He has my full attention right now!

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littlemoney Oct 20, 14 11:29 PM

@MrAsianMan you meant PolishB. yeah he is on fire.If your not following him you should. He has been on fire.

MrAsianMan Oct 20, 14 11:44 PM

@littlemoney Yeah, I did I came across PolishB when I first started like a 6 months ago. I see you're doing well as well. I havent been trading a lot... tied my cash in some long term plays to keep myself studying to trade smarter.

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