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timothysykes Nov 27, 15 3:08 PM

@Redwine yah that only happens rarely, otherwise stick to buying breakouts or dips at support, not randomly and not midrange

Redwine Nov 27, 15 3:16 PM

@timothysykes Today is over, and I have to use the weekend to study more charts and see if I have learned something at monday... Maybe "paper trading" is a solution of a while.

Redwine Nov 27, 15 3:37 PM

Or maybe I need a crash course.. I need to learn.

okcsdjmotion Nov 28, 15 1:33 PM

Why did you buy the stock? What thesis did you have? Did you go too large to where you could average down? What was your trade plan when you entered? What did you see to make you enter at $17?

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[TimAlerts] In my desperation about watching $avxl running constantly higher, trying not to buy, I really had to buy it, and it seems that I timed the top almost perfect, in at 5.67 :@ (thanks God, it´s only 100 shares) :)

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