$749 profit HENC Long Stock

Entry comments: Big new OTC runner/multiday breakout, I was trying to add more on the dip, but it's tough to get executed, so I'll buy this, goal is to make 10-20%

Exit comments: Sold into nice gap up, now trying to start live webinar and software failing LOL

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mannyp2711 Feb 09, 2:36 AM

Just curious if you’re buying this because of the recent new highs and beating all past highs? And also would this eventually lead to a #4 pattern since there is no big news following these recent spike ups? Fairly new to this so I’m trying to figure out your thought process here. Thanks

Windwalzer Feb 09, 12:47 PM

Did you also use the previous high to make your entry(looking at the 15 day chart)? It is what you constantly teach us over and over. Was it difficult to get executed because of the volume of buying traders? Thank you for all you do!

Windwalzer Feb 09, 12:48 PM

Do you use below .50 for your big gainer scans?

Windwalzer Feb 10, 4:12 PM

You had to be quick for the open to get your .095? Thank you for the webinar.

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