@Laka Hi, I noticed that you are using Suretrade broker. I am thinking about this broker too. Can you tell me some info about it? I want to use it because there is no PDT rule but I am not sure because this broker is offshore of US. Mainly what I am interesting is speed of trades, realiable data or safety of money there. Of course if you can share these information if not - at least you can tell me how are you satisfied with this Broker? Thank you for any information. Bye.

ryandeath Aug 03, 17 2:24 PM

@Laka So if you don't want to use twitter that is OK. I am not using facebook and instragram. But in google mail is chat function so that can be used for communication too. Timothy Sykes on his website he wrote that he do not recommended to use off shore brokers like Suretrader, traderzero etc. and I just want to know opinion of someone who is using it with real money. Thanks.

Smogar Aug 04, 17 8:56 AM

I followed you on twitter, can't realy message you unless you follow me back.

ryandeath Aug 04, 17 9:16 AM

are you Jake @Jake_8415?

Smogar Aug 04, 17 9:20 AM


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