@dux Hi, do you have any book recommendations regarding the psychology of trading?

dux Nov 01, 17 6:35 PM

beyond greedy and fear

Zainali Nov 02, 17 12:41 AM

momo traders is phenomenal. hey dux do you find that first red day pattern works better on large floats than low floats?

ExplorerGirl Nov 02, 17 8:43 PM

Thank you!!! I have already ordered them and they should be here in the next couple days!

dux Nov 03, 17 3:58 PM

no problem glad can help

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AnneMarita Oct 23, 17 7:55 AM

It's always the ones who didn't make it trying to troll on others, discouraging them to do what they couldn't.

AnneMarita Oct 29, 17 5:21 PM

I discovered the recipe for success couple of decades ago and since then have employed hundreds of people. I've seen how some have potential of becoming successful, but some simply don't. The ones who don't are usually prisoners of their own perception and some of them even try to drag others into their own "miss-perception" without understanding how lost they are. Great job Dux! You "broke the code" with hard work in record time! Can't wait to see your video and your "angle" to trading.

bobbythek Jan 14, 18 9:26 PM

@AnneMarita Ive managed people for the majority of my career, I have seen many of those you described trying to bring others down because e"they" didn't/couldn't do whatever it was that needed done. Its good to remind people of that... good job! & good luck!

bobbythek Jan 14, 18 9:29 PM

Let us know my friend! LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING PART2 especially!

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doron18 Aug 30, 17 8:54 AM

Thanks for the video! Great tips!! Thanks for sharing your strategy

CJ_Excel06 Aug 31, 17 1:11 PM

@dux Thanks for the great video. Please I need more clearification on the OTC and NASDAQ Breakout/Breakdown behaviours. Keep up the good work!

JamminJay2020 Sep 03, 17 1:34 AM

Thanks for the great lesson on OTC breakouts and emotion Dux. Your the man! Your english is getting better already. Don't listen to the haters. Your doing a great job sharing all of your great knowledge and we appreciate you sharing very much.

Daniel_C Sep 05, 17 10:49 PM

Thanks again for the video lessons!

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@JASONYI hey did u quit?? i saw one of ur comments under a video lesson and thought it was really insightful. if u read this, i wanna know, what went wrong for you? what made trading unsuccessful for you

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Tiger7 Aug 22, 17 9:23 PM

I appreciate if you would describe more on RTNB when there was midday panic from 3.80 to 2.80 on 22 August and you took that panic as adding to your position and mentioned we must focus always on bigger picture. How can you tell the different between intraday dip buy and momentum snap on chart like RTNB and what is the bigger picture in this stock we should focus on

Lestat74 Sep 10, 17 8:56 PM

I willl appreciate if you can provide guidance on how to set up with a broker to short stocks

Zainali Sep 12, 17 11:11 PM

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS PLEASE!!!! I get all the chart patterns. and im ONLY comfortable with first red day and overextended gap down.

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@InvestorsLive Yes. Where are your trades and profits. Proof or your just full of bullship. ;)

StocksNTech Sep 01, 17 6:22 AM

Nathan doesn't need to show his trades...just get his Tandem Trader DVD and you will get to know every damn thing.

Zainali Sep 05, 17 8:24 AM

Trugreen who are you to call anyone on there BS. Hes on a panel with all them and is highly regarded in the trading community. Back off nobody has to show u anything.

NickF Apr 06, 18 9:47 PM

It would be good if Nate would show his trades here. I am curious about his success rate over long term.

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