@dux what's up man! I'm another student from the Midwest! live near stl. been saving for awhile and bought tim sykes dvds. I know you probably get bugged all the time, but if there is anyway that I could learn from you; it would change my life. I'm not looking for handouts. just want to understand more and I see that you are a badass ! hit me up if you ever feel like helping *the next millionaire in training* haha. I just want to have a more stable life financially and be able to go out and make a difference in the world like sykes with his schools.

asefporl Apr 10, 17 6:11 AM

so are you and the rest of us but the world is a harsh place and everything isnt handed in a silver plate. you need to learn by yourself and dig through the trash to find any success. Im sorry to say it in this was but im just telling you the truth! work hard, never give up and eventually you will succeed

allgirlsplus1 Apr 10, 17 1:33 PM

if you go back and look at all Dux's trades you will understand the set ups he looks for. Very informational

Jerry86 Apr 17, 17 3:39 PM

i appreciate the information from both of you. i have sykes dvds and gritanni traing tickers. been watching there trades as well as ducks. just dont understand how they know when to enter. think im playing too emotional. stil new to the stock market i guess haha

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