I'm almost at a point where my account qualifies for short selling, and the timing couldn't be any better. :)

robbindahood Jun 30, 15 8:37 PM

@astroboy3500 Robinhood is a good way to go for micro accounts for sure. I noticed the disadvantage of not having premarket or a/h trading though when the market was shifting because news would hit late afternoon, people would trade a/h, then in pre-market it was already tanking and good luck getting out at the open! LOL - we feel each other's pain. :) I agree with you on them updating with new features. It would be nice if they get that all worked out because I love the ease of placing a tr

robbindahood Jun 30, 15 8:39 PM

@astroboy3500 ...placing a trade with the quick swipe which is awesome when it hits a b/o level. Here's to a great week of upcoming trades - may you be extremely profitable! :D

astroboy3500 Jun 30, 15 8:51 PM

I am right there with you ..Thanks you too man!

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