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CarolleP Oct 12, 21 3:01 AM

Love it! thank you for sharing your knowledge, i am new to Tim's Challenge. I loved your clear go-to and would love to read some more ;)

holtzy Oct 22, 21 12:15 AM

This post was enjoyable and insightful. Thank you for taking the time to write about your journey. I appreciate the detail in your descriptions of your process. Thanks again!

Charlie911s Nov 19, 21 6:06 AM

Fantastic post. I've read a lot of takes on investing, work and wealth - this is by far the most concise and insightful representation of how that journey should be experienced.

Coopaloop May 03, 22 8:13 PM

thanks for the process thoughts this helps a lot

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MTSL resistance around 3.65? It may break through resistance but already up big. Not sure it's worth it as this may be considered chasing.

chrisarmada Jul 19, 18 9:50 AM

@chrisarmada Don't think it was able to surpass that resistance level. My thoughts are now moot.

chrisarmada Jul 19, 18 9:53 AM

Going down pretty quick. I think I called the resistance level correctly for once.

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Debating on new trading pattern. I'm thinking overnight holds may be my best option. I like dip buying morning panics but my full-time job really makes it difficult to be at my computer at market open with full attention. Perhaps I can sell morning gap ups? Now how to find those.........

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