@timothysykes had some pretty rough days (due to not preparing) and some rough stuff in the day to day....came in this morning from work, committed to properly preparing...found a good play (not on the watchlist! good feeling) and made a plan....executed and made a great profit on a small acct. just shows if you commit the time and follow the lesson you teach it makes all the difference! thanks again.

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FIRST TRADE EVER! GBR morning @$2.44 and out @$3.10 all in 5 min! Grew my small acct by 10%.....time to study then rinse and repeat.

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Only 30 of 1,000 of you want a video lesson? My God guys, show me that you ACTUALLY want to learn, c'mon

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guys14 Feb 27, 17 10:33 AM

following u 8 years now ! love u never stopd learning

Akilb1 Feb 27, 17 11:11 AM

Just started trading and have already learned a ton from you videos and just from watching everyone else.

corylee03 Feb 27, 17 11:38 AM

I watch/read every bit of material i can find of yours. just started but looking forward to learning a ton. DEF WANT ANOTHER VID LESSON!

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