_SamH_ Jul 19, 15 11:19 PM

Nice call - gold's down -26 in the futures market.

flex225 Jul 20, 15 12:58 AM

bottomed out @ 1072 overnight and has retracted....should see that price (1072-1082) again once it hit new york for trade. stay tuned

flex225 Jul 20, 15 1:35 AM

if i am at 100% ROI tomorrow believe me i will. might leave a runner til exp depending on sentiment..could be a multi day tear down.

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flex225 Jul 15, 15 11:10 PM

due to the consolidation that has been happening over the past few weeks and that it oversold. Risk/Reward pans out nicely however i do not know if or when its going to rise. So ill park 3200usd in this name with a max loss of 400 and reward of 800+. Trade books a 2:1 ratio or higher if you have a higher target and if you do follow the teend you can see that this stock consolidates and then pops before being dumped off

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