@jmcglade21 I think getting familiar with the different technical signals have helped me out a lot. I haven't really signed up for any "learning tools", I educate myself by reading different books, blogs, and websites that I find on my own. The biggest hurdle was changing my thought process to accept a loss and not let it bog me down, analyze why the loss occurred, and be patient, I used to think that I had to trade everyday, but that just increases your chances of losing money if you jump into something without it meeting your specific "trade requirements".

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EARS back to the 6.80s but remember when you open an account and are right at account minimums, trade more cautiously to give yourself some breathing room so you don't have to wire in more $

EugeneB Jan 07, 16 10:30 AM

its possible $6.70?

jjmc21 Jan 07, 16 10:32 AM

how do i access the chat rooms?

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