-$585 loss BPSR Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip bought this big runner on massive dip off its highs n the .40s, likely just due to the overall market, goal is to sell into 5-10% bounce

Exit comments: No bounce, overall market is looking soooo ugly, rule #1 cut losses quickly, protect, earlier gains...speculative/small losses are fine

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U31624 May 04, 8:47 PM

I made $1100 on recaf yesterday- still trying to average down on mnmd from 4.60 hopefully I can buy at 3.10 tomorrow

Angelomercado318 May 05, 12:58 PM

If you bought it exactly at 10:58AM, you would have profited when it bounce at .378 at 11:00AM. maybe you gave it more time but failed to bounce. Thank you

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