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simonfuture2 Jul 25, 12:32 PM

thanks Sykes for the Webinar. i missed this. but re-watching the replay. i dont have much time left for the chatroom. but i will be here still grinding everyday. Sykes if you ever need more help with running profitly. let me know.

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COtun May 07, 12:28 AM

Thanks so much!

happy1128 May 08, 9:06 AM

Thanks Kyles and Tim for a great video

001CP May 16, 1:15 PM

Thanks, guys. Great webinar!!! Learned a lot.

HolyDonuts May 26, 6:31 AM

Absolutely awesome 2 part webinar Guys @kylecw2 and @timothysykes. Made my lifetime challenge decision real easy for me. Even though I was sold after a month in the challenge 🤟

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