-$585 Loss
BPSRLong Stock

Entry comments: Dip bought this big runner on massive dip off its highs n the .40s, likely just due to the overall market, goal is to sell into 5-10% bounce

Exit comments: No bounce, overall market is looking soooo ugly, rule #1 cut losses quickly, protect, earlier gains...speculative/small losses are fine


  • Total Views448
  • Position Size45,000
  • Percentage-3.63%
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norag0131May 04, 11:15 AM

Today is my first paper trade. I bought a little late into the spike at .35 and I’ve been trying to exit for almost an hour. I’ve tried several limit orders following bidders, several stop loss attempts, also several mkt orders. Why can’t I get out?

mikemc5May 04, 11:32 AM

I did basically the same thing with$WSGF just to try and learn some moves on keeping up with button pressing logistics. It’s been 1.5 hrs and can’t get out!

khou767May 04, 11:54 AM

Rule #1 is very important to me now. Thank you Tim.

johnpena01May 04, 12:05 PM

BPSR.... In at .3499 out at .37 5.75% profit. small green bite. :)

U31624May 04, 8:47 PM

I made $1100 on recaf yesterday- still trying to average down on mnmd from 4.60 hopefully I can buy at 3.10 tomorrow

Angelomercado318May 05, 12:58 PM

If you bought it exactly at 10:58AM, you would have profited when it bounce at .378 at 11:00AM. maybe you gave it more time but failed to bounce. Thank you

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