$73 profit WSGF Long Stock

Entry comments: Right as I think there's no great plays this one has news and is spiking to new highs, PR earlier about real-estate backed crypto, lets see how far it can go, goal is to make 5-10%, nothing huge as this one usually lets me down

Exit comments: Out for small gains, not worth my time, can't breakout past day highs of .018 so I play it safe just in case, the better play was when the news broke a few hours ago and I missed it then chased, I'll review more during my challenge webinar in 20 minutes!

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DanPJ76 Nov 09, 21 3:57 PM

Small gains add up, I like the strategy. 👍

tupuad Nov 09, 21 4:05 PM

Good discipline. Thanks for the analysis

JCJC Nov 10, 21 4:59 AM

Thanks Tim

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$545 profit WSGF Long Stock

Entry comments: STT Breaking News https://tim.ly/3aw0Ijq crypto strategy PR, management letter still coming probly tomorrow, goal is to sell in the .02s

Exit comments: Zzzzzz small gain of a few hundred bucks, this stock is just annoying, it always seems to top I the high .01s, needs more volume to actually get to the .02s, having midday news doesn't help either, out for a single

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$1,902 profit WSGF Long Stock

Entry comments: This week's play is earlier than normal as they've now teased their upcoming October 13th report twice, in a PR yesterday https://tim.ly/3iG6p2v I didn't think much of, but now today again too which tells me they'll probably keep hyping themselves up into next Wednesday's release. I won't have the patience to hold that long, but this play is near the bottom of its recent range at .013 so not much downside, my goal is to sell in the high .01s or low .02s, we'll see how far it can

Exit comments: I'm out the remainder of my position as its struggling at the key .018 area its had issues with for several days now, guess I should've sold all at .019ish late Friday, good lesson as some plays are just stubborn so it's important to sell into strength and not fall in love.

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brhodie Oct 08, 21 4:07 PM

Up 17.5%, thanks Tim!

mwg63 Oct 08, 21 6:12 PM

Knowledge Account Increased

mwg63 Oct 11, 21 12:06 PM

Knowledge Account Increased

Infamous Oct 11, 21 5:31 PM

I’m not in love with it. But I’m expecting a PR tomorrow for a pop then I jump out in the 2s.

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Took a pretty good loss on my small account on $WSGF trying to anticipate a breakout last month (never again), but like i mentioned in my March trade comments, I shouldn't have been trading at all in March because of my environment and situation at the time (in between houses/little access to office) but instead, I allowed myself too much freedom and traded from my phone and didn't cut losses quickly and just traded really sloppy. Especially after I took that big loss at the beginning of the month. I felt like a newbie, so I got treated like one by the market. I am still in the game, however I am taking some time off to go over all of these stupid mistakes and figure out what I need to do to prevent them from happening anymore. Losses are inevitable, but how much you lose is all on you/the trader. I will be working on my discipline and my consistency over this next month and moving forward. That is the only thing that is holding me back

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$3,780 profit WSGF Long Stock

Entry comments: Another STT Breaking news play http://tim.ly/3qxV0Tz adding crypto to payment options, should run since sector is hot and this is a former runner too, goal is to profit 10-30%

Exit comments: Solid win here, biggest of the week for me so far so I won't get greedy...funny how life works, PONGF crypto news didn't do much but on this former runner the crypto news helped bigtime, video lesson coing

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DDP031 Mar 09, 21 5:50 PM


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$219 profit WSGF Long Stock

Entry comments: One more deeeeep dip buy on this all day fader, goal is to make 5-10% on the bounce, still has big buyers so I think it can run later today or tomorrow, lots of support at .04

Exit comments: Another weak bounce, another small gain for me, just exiting to be safe, probly better for a morning panic dip buy tomorrow in the .03s oor even the .02s at this rate, stay safe in this ugly maret, that's my priority

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enyong Mar 04, 21 9:20 AM

over trading ??

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$28 profit WSGF Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial position on this big intraday panic on this runner that's looking tired, goal is to make 7-15% on the bounce, use .05 as price to cut losses if need be

Exit comments: No real bounce likely due to the overall market as the Nasdaq keeps sliding to new day lows down 2% today too, say safe on all longs now, I'm out of this breakeven, not every play is gonna work well, especially midday as I prefer morning panics

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Testakleez Mar 03, 21 2:05 PM

Nice out, it dumped shortly after...

Jerseyroll Mar 03, 21 2:07 PM

Maybe I did something wrong but I was trying to get out and it wouldn’t let me out and I had to sell it off at market for zero dollars.

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