$1,200 profit LWLG Long Stock

Entry comments: Rebuying giant panic, goal is to sell in the 8s on the bounce, solid panic, glad I played so safe before, cut losses if no bounce

Exit comments: Not quite my goals, but as evidenced by my many small losses on this one lately, its a tough one so I'm glad to get a solid single here, further re-buys into giant panics only

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BruceG Jul 02, 21 12:08 PM

played this after your alert and in @7.74 and out @7.86..small single but a gain still...played EGDD 2x for 21.1% and 7.5% gains....thanks to you and Breaking News

enyong Jul 03, 21 1:49 AM

monday potential FGD

LABAN_PILIPINAS Jul 05, 21 9:36 AM

Daily key support level was around 7.3s and then it finally bounced. Thank Tim.

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@jackie_fountain just became a fully transparent trader today!

Tetyanas777 Dec 18, 20 11:19 AM

Following you TradingMama, we both doing alright in loosing and learning?

TradingMama Feb 06, 21 10:44 PM

The important thing is to keep learning!

DanPJ76 Dec 01, 21 1:44 PM

Tough staying in the mode, good to see you at it!

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