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skatermdw Apr 10, 1:20 AM

Buy the rumor, sell the news!!!!

KStanger Apr 28, 8:56 PM

Buy the rumor, Sell the news!!! Gotta be ahead of the game!

JonathanIParra Aug 27, 9:48 PM

buy the rumor sell the news good example , you say the older press release on wkhs saying unveiling a heli on june 19, you stalked bought the breakout found out it wan't convicing and you got out with ur single nice

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Tommy_D Aug 14, 4:38 PM

Watching this in August of 2019. WKHS was up on a Trump/Pence pump and dump saying these guys would save Lordstown, Ohio. 2 years from this video lesson and WKHS is still trading at low $3 with only 50 of these trucks being used. Drone delivery still stuck in FAA red tape.

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