$623 profit KBLB Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this stock I've been obsessed with the past few days as its dipped nicely off its earlier highs in the .29s and is still holding green today so I think it can bounce into the close for a first green day pattern and possibly a gap up/morning spike tomorrow...not sure if I'll hold overnight, I'll see how it closes

Exit comments: Exiting this one with small gain to focus on CRSM which is moving faster and has better volume/catalyst/chart pattern so I'll hold that one long overnight and make another roughly 1 penny/share on KBLB which seems to be my destiny on it LOL...it could be worse...anyways CRSM is my main focus now, ideally selling into gap up/morning spike there

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lachapelle May 20, 19 3:10 PM

Tim what do you think of OTLKW

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