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KShim Nov 03, 15 1:12 PM

Ya that dang PDT is just terrible. I'm using Ameritrade, and I've found that making several accounts, and switching your money between accounts once your limit is up can get you more. However, every time your money moves you have to apply for margin status again. It seems like the time it takes for a margin status request to be processed takes anywhere from an hour to 2 days.

arcticocean Nov 16, 15 8:38 AM

try speed trader to get around

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peterboxeo Oct 29, 15 1:41 PM

Thank you all ! I didn't get charged because im under free trading for 60 days under TDA promotion !

peterboxeo Oct 29, 15 1:43 PM

@Raidon I was looking to 30% but it failed and had a mental stop at 1 cent if that makes any sense haha Overall i just wanted to get my feet wet with the executions on real time because paper trading was not doing what I wanted it to do!

trader91 Oct 29, 15 5:39 PM

is td ameritrade good for shorting and buying penny stocks? and how much money do you need for margin? and do you use level 2 and charting and is it thinkorswim platform for charting and level 2, and are the executions great do you get filled?

peterboxeo Oct 29, 15 5:45 PM

@trader91 Havent started to short yet, still new but i tried on paper account and they did not have some shares to borrow. I think your best bet would be IB, which was my first option but i am not old enough to start an account (21+)... TDA minimum for margin is 2k, I do have a margin account with them and you need to sustain 2k. I do use LVL2 and charting on thinkorswim platform.. The excutions this morning were great, but this is my first broker. I am sure there are far better brokers that exe

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