BryanV Dec 23, 20 9:40 PM

Great post, good luck man. I'm the opposite who undertrades, I've missed so many setups and it's frustrating. If you're worried about ego, consider verifying and posting all those trades. That will shatter it and give you a clear goal towards breakeven. Kinda like papajohn. If you have a cheap mic and an okay pc, consider recording your screen to rewatch how you traded later.

kevnl06 Dec 28, 20 4:07 PM

@StarSedz Yeah I'm gonna start posting all my stuff here, the good the bad and the ugly. I appreciate you dropping a comment and some good advice!

renatoloaiza May 10, 22 5:29 AM

Thanks for sharing this @kevnl06. I'm newbie myself trying to learn from others. Very helpful!

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