@fittrader101 Hi Nick, I also opened Suretrader account, and deposited fund after my account got verified, but it's been more than 3 days that they haven't received my fund. It got me worried. I was wondering if you are good to go with Suretrader account? How many business days they took to process your deposit?

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fittrader101 Jan 28, 18 2:43 PM

Hi there. It took like 4 days until I got ready to trade! Is it settled by now ??

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reitmanma Nov 16, 17 1:21 PM

Thanks Bob, watchlist had a great day. Did you catch more of SBH short off the open today?

summerespn Nov 16, 17 3:16 PM

Hi Bob, I was wondering what website to use to get the Earnings result in the very first hand. Any help will be appreciated.

Turbobob Nov 16, 17 5:56 PM

No, as markets were strong I was focused on the long side.

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summerespn Sep 14, 17 11:49 AM

Hi Mr. Bob, I really appreciate you to create those watch lists, they are really helpful. I was just wondering if you could explain in detail how do you screening out those stocks. I am cherry-pick a lot of time in the morning, but I found out that is not very successful strategy. I am desire to learn from you experience, and from there, I can apply to my own strategy. Thanks. PS: My email is:

Turbobob Sep 15, 17 11:31 AM

It is too difficult to go through the process. As there are so many moving parts and variables involved.

xbows Sep 15, 17 4:36 PM

I use StT as well, but my laptop doesn't have an i7 processor so in speaking with StT support I learned it won't work right all the time for me. What do you use to tell when a stock is nearing a prior high? Do you use the built-in 2-week high, 52 week high, or something else? I've tried the setups that Tim Bohen uses but again, they don't work for me usually and I wind up with faulty results.

Turbobob Sep 15, 17 8:20 PM

I only use STT for charting and research. I just look at a lot of charts find when stocks are approaching break out levels.

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