I alert all these stocks in my FREE chatroom on Skype. Add me on Skype @ andrewwlapp to ask @GreenMachine and me questions, advice, and to see our picks!

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AndyL Apr 05, 14 9:58 AM

I am having a website built for the whole group right now. As of now we just talk on Skype chat for the time being. I added you in there this morning. And glad you like the piano music!

DreSmith92 Apr 05, 14 11:10 AM

I just put 500.00 in my Scott trade account just to start with, now which penny stocks should I invest on?

kkk9233 Apr 05, 14 12:17 PM

DreSmith92 if you plan investing like this, just following blind advice I highly think you will be profitable over time. I am also a novice trader, but from what other profitable traders say, this is not the correct solution to trade. You need to educate yourself first :)

DreSmith92 Apr 05, 14 4:42 PM

I have done research for a good 6 months now so I really want to get Into this

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@crawfish_poboy welcomes you to their trader wall!

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nicoalvi Feb 21, 14 9:00 PM

Hey I would love to email you about an opportunity, where can I PM you? Twitter?

stockchoices Feb 25, 14 2:32 PM

Hey :) i just watched ur super cool interview i wanna be like u! what book should i read?!

DerrickJL Feb 25, 14 2:34 PM

Hello Mr. Poboy. I was wondering if you'd teach this noob a thing or two about trading & maybe a little more ;)

tbotkin1 Apr 02, 14 6:44 AM

Where can I find your interview? Congrats on your success! Love seeing stories like this. Gets me so pumped to get started!

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