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Sizzleterry Jan 16, 17 11:51 AM

I really love your post and I do thank you for sharing!

aahindigo Jun 14, 5:37 PM

Hi there, thanks for this advice its very clear and succinct. I'm a newbee at this and haven't traded yet but trying to earn whilst my a/c is being set up by IB.

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[TimAlerts] could be misreading but the SEC filing from jan 6 shows the Baker Bros selling their investment in AQXP not buying ... if I am reading correctly

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LegalPimp Jan 02, 17 6:10 PM

i have been reading a book called "the daily trading coach" and it said the exact same things you are saying. i am loving your daily recaps on your youtube channel. thanks for sharing!!!

Arussell125 Jan 16, 17 5:50 PM

That happened around sept this year

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[TimAlerts] MRUS higher price but up 60% pre-market on Collaboration Agreement with Incyte. Incyte to pay $120,000,000 upfront and purchase $80,000,000 of MRUS stock at a premium of $25 per share. Super low float and 17% short. Will be watching this one for a setup.

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