Going to Blog my progress as much as possible.(GETTING UP-TO-DATE) I been doing my homework everyday I got myself a schedule to learn as much as possible each and everyday. I watch the Market & research stocks everyday. I watch TIM'S videos going to watch them all. I watch any new videos he post first then the older ones. on the older ones I started from the beginning. it's been a week with all this new info & all my DVD's but it's been good. I don't feel lost at all that was one of my worries because of my Dyslexia. I started a ETRADE account waiting on the funds to be transferred should be done next week. Then going to open a SURETRADER account soon because of Pattern Daytrader Rule. I been doing some FAKE trading. Pack a stock - Pick a entry price - Exit price - ETC. I found a APP that does this but you got to be honest with yourself. (NO BS) it will hurt your learning progress. but anyway with my fake trading With $2000 invested with 4 picks I would have made $550 today. I know $550 not a lot of money but it's almost 28% profit that is crazy. If you don't think so I don't care lol but take 28% profit over and over and over will be a lot... its Friday going to study this weekend keep learning. This Trading game you always got to be learning. The ones that learn the most will have the most tools. Anyways I will stop talking now got work to do. Till Next Time TONY...

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