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uswjng89 Apr 16, 18 5:06 PM

what is your plan for tomorrow/target? I am a new trader and in the same position. Holding overnight because I did not have a day trade left.

Molonelabe Apr 16, 18 6:22 PM

@uswjng89 I placed a tralingstop at 10%, I am looking for a small gain target 4.50-4.90.

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SKYisDLimit Apr 08, 18 5:03 PM

Agree with kobayashimaru, what is the plan for the trade, It looks like the have some great pumps going on right now, but has only moved .10 ??? so many questions. looks like a short to me once I see more

uswjng89 Apr 08, 18 6:42 PM

Thank you, I will check out the videos.

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uswjng89 Apr 05, 18 3:42 PM

think this will cause a gap up overnight?

johannes1602 Apr 05, 18 3:45 PM

@uswjng89 it did back in January when it was promoted too, but I think the risk/reward is off. If it gets halted everyone who holds overnight will be screwed

extremerick11 Apr 05, 18 5:52 PM

Looking over the company, clearly a pump, they are hemorrhaging cash. I'm brand new to trading, can anyone help me understand the play here?

johannes1602 Apr 05, 18 7:14 PM

@extremerick11 I am not an expert either but as it is a pump and dump a crash is inevitable. So you can try to short it as soon as the backside of the move is in if you find shares or wait for a big panic in order to dip buy it.

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