@timothysykes Just made my first successful paper trade! Wish it was real money though! Shorted ZFGN at 10.08, bought back at 9.74! $1,148 profit . TimChallenge DVD's really paying off, starting to understand all of it. Thanks man

yourkangaroo81 Jan 21, 16 3:00 PM

Thats awesome man, sweet profit. I'm just getting into stocks myself, I want to do some paper-trading first to get comfortable. What software/broker are you using? Currently looking for a good place to start.

tgentil Jan 21, 16 3:05 PM

hey man, im using Trader Workstation and Interactive Brokers. I created an account there and I think you need a $2500 minimum to open the account, the software comes when you open the account. I really like IB they're real professional, customer service is good.

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