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bank_a_tronicDec 16, 15 11:14 PM

Ouch, I know that hurt :( You are a solid trader so you can bring it all back, Luke! Keep your head up- we miss you in chat :)) P.S. Some cities have paid clinical sleep research that pays a few thousands to just study your sleep - maybe you could do a couple?

LucidJan 08, 16 6:43 PM

@bank_a_tronic Thanks for the encouragement man! (just got to checking my Sykes email folder today); I miss everyone too! I do plan on getting back into trading, and still have a PS Silver subscription. Just saving up enough money to be comfortable + deposit into my account again. on another note I've heard about the paid sleep research from entities like NASA, but it honestly sounded like my chances of acceptance were slim. I'd be interested though, do you know where I might sign up?

bank_a_tronicJan 08, 16 6:58 PM

@Lucid I'm a girl dude :)) Google paid research healthy participants sleep that should bring some opps up.

LucidJan 12, 16 4:21 AM

@bank_a_tronic whoops haha sorry! & I did a search and some reading on the paid research studies, definitely wanna give it a shot :)

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