Entry comments: we will see how this one plays out. just finisged up a video of Roland Wolf trading a similar otc and it helped me going into tomorrow as I play out this recent super nova with news. I here that if you don't get out while the getting is good sell into strenght it could be tough to get out of this trade when it cracks so I have to be quick on the trigger when the asks start stacking up get out imediatly. this one won't be so forgiving. so my plan is to glue to the level 2.

Exit comments: Killer trade! locked in profits on the way up once 20,000 shares @ 0.0172, anouther 14,000 @ 0.0185 and kept a flyer of 10,000 should probably have exercised more patience with the flyer but it started breaking down and I just wanted to walk away up on all aspects of the trade. Getting better. It really helped that I reviewed last night some videos one with Roland and that really helped me out big time this morning. I was even manipulating the level 2 at the end to bring the ask. Feeling GREAT!


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