$715 profit AGGI Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial fill on this big morning spiker, rumored to be going current with its filings, all the price action of this week's big runners, goal is to sell in the .06s or .07s, small position though since its risky

Exit comments: Whewwww, what a runner, tried to get out in the .09s, but it was just so fast, congrats to anyone in from the open or when I alerted it in chat before I even traded it, gotta be fast here, potential re-buy on any big panic

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tupuad Sep 11, 10:43 PM

Thanks , Tim

kFox49 Sep 12, 6:23 AM

Got munched at .09 but didn’t hold and hope.

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-$284 loss AGGI Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm catching this spiker on a dip off its highs at .056 on the back of this tweet https://tim.ly/3a81vXS nice price action, we've seen it before, goal is to sell in the .06s or .07s or more, could be fast, STT Breaking News too

Exit comments: Out for small losses, no followup spike, scary play, but worth a shot given how fast it was spiking, lately these plays can go Supernova

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